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Enfield Carers Partnership Board

The purpose of the Carers Partnership Board

To make recommendations and monitor actions that will improve outcomes for Enfield Carers, as appropriate.

We will do this by:

  • Making ourselves a representative body to promote joint working with Carers, Carers organisations and partner agencies in providing support for Enfield Carers;


  • Co-ordinating the responses to any national or local consultations over issues that impact on Carers (The CPB should be an integral part of any consultation);Developing, and monitoring the Action Plan against priorities to be agreed by the Board on an annual basis;


  • Considering, influencing and, where appropriate, supporting any changes that will impact on Enfield Carers, including local and national directives and legislation.


  • Influencing standards of practice in the development and delivery of support and services for carers;


  • Submission of a six-monthly update report as part of a wider submission to the Health and Wellbeing Board.
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