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What if I, or someone I live with, feels ill?

999 Emergency.png
In an emergency call 999
GP Doctor 1.png
You can also call your GP for advice
Coronavirus 1.png
Otherwise, if you have a symptom of Coronavirus, which include -
  • A high fever (over 37.80C) or,
Cough woman 1.png
  • A new cough, that does not stop
Taste Smell Loss.png
  • Loss of smell and taste
Stay Home 1 Week.png
and you live alone, stay at home (self-isolate)  for 7 days
Stay Home 2 Weeks.png
If you share your home everyone needs to stay at home for 14 days

After this time, if you have no fever, you can go out again. 

The cough may last for a while


You can also use the 111 coronavirus service to find out what to do.

no visitor.png
While you are 'self Isolating' try to keep away from each other as much as possible
Get plenty of rest
Drink plenty of fluid
Healthy diet.jpg
Eat well

You can take medications for symptoms, if you usually do, but avoid Ibuprofen. 

If you're not sure ask your supporters. 

Food Delivery.png (1)

Get your food and medication delivered. 

Staff, family or friends could get this for you. 

Enfield Council logo.jpg

If there is no one to help and you live in Enfield, Enfield Stands Together can arrange a volunteer.

You may need help to fill in the form.

Ask someone to help you or call the Enfield Integrated Learning Disability Service

If you get worse, or cannot cope at home, 
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