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Keep up to date with Easy Read information about Coronavirus from Mencap
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Here is a summary of the things you still should do to stay safe
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Getting a Coronavirus Vaccine is the best way to keep safe
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If you have any symptoms take a Coronavirus test
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If you test positive for Coronavirus you still need to self-isolate
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Download the NHS test and trace app, and self-isolate if it says you need to
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Keep good infection control measures
Keep you windows open and your home well ventilated
Supporters may also continue to use extra PPE’, like aprons and masks
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You are not legally required to wear face coverings, but may have to in certain situations, like large events or on public transport.

You may need to show your NHS COVID Pass to get into some events, or travel abroad.

If you do not have a smart phone you can get a COVID Pass Letter.

Some people are more likely to get ill from Coronavirus than others.

For example, if you have long term health conditions
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You may have had a letter in the past about ‘Shielding’

No-one is being asked to shield at the moment. But if you are at risk you may want to continue some of these precautions

Talk to your GP or someone you trust to make a plan for keeping safe
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