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Looking for a Care Home

Care Home

There are many types of care homes in Enfield that provide for different needs. Some care homes offer short-term places, for people recovering from a hospital stay or to give someone a break (Respite) from their caring role.

The care homes are run by a variety of organisations, including private companies, voluntary organisations and Enfield Council. They are registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), who visits them and writes a report about the home on its website. You can search for care homes in Enfield using the Care Quality Commission care homes directory.

Types of care homes

The two main types of care homes are:

  • Residential homes - these offer care and support for people who can no longer cope at home and need extra help, such as providing meals and personal care.
  • Nursing homes - these normally offer the same care as residential homes but also have 24-hour medical care from a qualified nurse

Some care homes provide care both with and without nursing. These are known as 'dual-registered' homes. The advantage of these homes is that if your needs increase you can continue to receive the right level of care without having to move again.

Both main categories of care are divided by the CQC into the following:

  • Old age (Over 65)- for people who have physical illnesses more common in old age
  • Dementia (also known as EMI) - for people who have a dementia related illness
  • Mental illness - for people who have a mental illness other than dementia
  • Physical disability - for people who have a medical condition that affects them physically

You can search for care homes on the My NHS. This includes ratings and reviews to help you make your decisions.

Will I have to pay?

Will I have to pay?

The costs of residential homes vary, often depending on the type of facilities provided and the amount and type of care you need.

The amount you must pay is determined through a financial assessment. If you are not eligible for financial support from Enfield council, you can approach most homes directly to organise your own care.

There are two types of NHS nursing care with different eligibility:

  • NHS Continuing Healthcare - this is for people who have a primary health need
  • NHS Funded Nursing Care (FNC) - is for people who require registered nursing care, and is an NHS contribution to the cost of your nursing care in the nursing home.

If you require nursing care, depending on eligibility, you may be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare payments that are paid directly to nursing homes towards your nursing costs. To find out more about NHS continuing Healthcare click here.

If you are moving to a nursing home you may be entitled to NHS Funded Nursing Care (FNC).

If you intend moving into a nursing home (and may be entitled to NHS Funded Nursing Care) please discuss this with the NHS professional responsible for your discharge from hospital.

If you are not in hospital please discuss this with the NHS professional involved in your care. More information can be found on the NHS Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group about NHS Continuing Healthcare 

Search our online directory of care and support for care homes near you, view their CQC rating, and access the inspection report.

If your needs are predominantly health care, you may be eligible for NHS Continuing Care, where the NHS will fund the full cost of your placement.

However, if you have nursing care needs and are not eligible for NHS Continuing Care, the NHS will still pay the nursing element of your fees directly to the home.

You will still have to pay a contribution to cover your accommodation. This will be decided through a financial assessment.

 To find out more about Care Home charges please see our paying for Care Homes page.

Help choosing a care home

It's important to do some research to make sure it's the right place to meet your needs/needs of the person you are caring for.

Here are some websites which may give you more information on some things to consider when choosing a Care Home.

Additional information

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