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Paying for Care Homes

There is a wide choice of care homes in Enfield and they charge different amounts, depending on the facilities they provide and the amount of care that you need.

We can tell you how much each care home charges and how much you will have to pay, or whether we can help toward your fees. This will depend on your personal circumstances, the cost of your care home place, and whether your stay is temporary or permanent. A financial assessment will be used to work out whether you qualify for help from us.

If we make a contribution towards your care home fees, we will not pay more than we think is reasonable to meet your assessed needs. If you want to go into a care home that charges more than this, it will only be possible if you have a relative or friend who will pay the additional amount, or if you have a property that is regarded as capital which you can enter into a deferred payment agreement with us.

If you have savings or capital over £23,250 we will not help towards your care home fees.  Under this amount, you will need to pay a contribution based on your income and savings. Within our calculations we you will be allowed to keep a personal allowance and any disregarded income.

For more information, see our Charging booklet (Living in a Care Home) and our Charging policy for Care Home and Non-Residential Support Charges 2022-2023

Deferred payment agreement (DPA)

A Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA) is a type of contract between us and you. You may be offered a DPA if you need to go into a care home permanently and have property that is regarded as capital, which you would normally need to sell to afford your care home fees.

With a DPA, you don't have to sell your property straight away to pay your fees. The sale of your property can be deferred until you are ready to sell it, or until after your death. In the meantime, you pay a contribution based on your disposable income and we pay the rest of your fees until your property is sold. We will place a legal charge on your property through the Land Registry so we can recover the debt when your property is eventually sold.

To qualify for a DPA, you must have assessed eligible needs and have savings below £23,250.

For more information, please read our Deferred Payment Scheme information leaflet or visit GOV.UK.

Making a payment for LBE charged care services

You will be informed of any charges that you may need to pay in full or contribute to depending on the results of your financial assessment.

Here is an example of an invoice we will send and methods of how to pay.

If trying to make a payment online, please visits www.enfield.gov.uk

Wanting to set up a Direct Debit?- Please complete the Direct Debit mandate form

Annual bill example

We have recently changed the way we bill you for residential care and safe and connected services. You can pay your bill in the instalments given to you on your bill or if you wish you can pay your yearly bill in full. If you want to change the instalment plan or are having difficulty paying your bill then please look at our example annual bill for more details.

Residential Care annual bill example

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