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Children under 5 years old

Health Visiting Service

Enfield's Health Visiting Service is provided by North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, view further information including contact details and well baby clinic times on their website.

Health visitors are there to support you and your child as they begin to grow.

What the Health Visiting Service offers

Your health visitor will be in touch with you at various stages of your pregnancy and after your baby is born. This includes: 

  • During your pregnancy at 28-32 weeks 
  • Between 10-14 day of baby’s birth
  • Six-eight weeks after your baby's birth
  • When your child turns one. This will be a developmental review by a health visitor or early years practitioner
  • When your child turns two. This will be a developmental review by a health visitor or early years practitioner 
  • School Readiness

Health visitors are part of our 0-19 service covering Enfield, and work in four teams. Each team is based at a health centre in the local community.

Your health visitor can help you with anything you are concerned about:

  • your health
  • your child's health
  • your family's health
  • postnatal depression
  • and all the usual things that you might want help and advice on with a new baby, including feeding, sleeping, crying, minor ailments, and when to see a doctor.

Your health visitor will also monitor your baby's development, and weigh and measure your baby. Your health visitor will record visits in your child's personal health record book - this may be your 'red book', or an electronic version, called an 'e-red book'.

Your health visitor will also record their name and contact details in your red book, so you know how to contact them and when you can see them, and how to get help if they are not available.

Every family with a child under 5 that lives in Enfield will be allocated a health visitor. Anyone can refer to the service including GP, midwifes and schools. Parents can also refer themselves by contacting their Health Visiting Team by phone requesting a home visit or telephone contact.

Well Baby Clinics

Enfield's health visitors run Well Baby Clinics which are by appointment only, you can ring your Health Visiting Team to arrange an appointment.

You can attend any Well Baby Clinic in the borough -some are held in the Children’s Centre and some are held in GP Surgery.

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