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Service summary

Engage Enfield A free housing related floating help and advice support service for people living in Enfield.


How we can help

Our team of Community Navigators and Assistants will help engage customers to live as independently as possibly through person-centred support delivered within the community. Customers will be supported to:

  • Carry out tasks associated with independent living.
  • Understand and respond to communication received, including welfare benefit forms.
  • Avoid/reduce rent arrears and other debt.
  • Access healthcare, in particular GP services
  • Access information, community resources, and social interaction to avoid becoming socially isolated, and to improve health and wellbeing
  • Access education/training/employment opportunities.
  • Utilise technology (where appropriate) to assist in their support and longer term wellbeing, including assistive technology.
  • Avoid relapse, for example drug/alcohol use or offending and not require repeat use of specialist services.
Referrals accepted from professional and interagency sources, with customer consent. This includes Enfield’s Mental Health Rehab Team, Mental Health Secondary Care Services, Mental Health Social Workers, ELFT Autism Diagnostic Service, Homelessness Panel, Homelessness Services, Integrated Learning Disability Team, Social Workers, and the Information and Assessment Team. We accept self-referrals as well as referrals from family and friends Referrals can be made through our dedicated email address and telephone number, Freephone 08000858207 or by email engageenfield@riverside.org.uk


Criteria for applications:

People aged 18 years or older, who live in the London Borough of Enfield who have housing related support needs. Customers must also fit into one or more of the following groups:

  • Vulnerable and in need of short to medium term housing-related support
  • Physical/Sensory/learning disability, mental ill health or drug and alcohol misuse problems
  • At risk of losing their home, homelessness, in temporary accommodation, or moving on from supported housing or a family setting to independent living
  • Older people
  • People with blood borne-long-term conditions
  • Offenders and ex-offenders
  • Survivors of domestic violence
  • Refugees
  • Teenage parents and vulnerable families
  • Traveller households
  • Autistic adults


About Riverside

We are a specialist provider of supported

  • Housing, with services across the UK. This includes:
  • Homeless accommodation-based services,
  • Homelessness prevention services and floating support,
  • Housing first,
  • Retirement living,
  • Temporary accommodation for homeless families,
  • Accommodation-based services for people with learning disabilities
  • Refuges for those fleeing domestic abuse,
  • Young people accommodation-based services and foyers
  • Young parent accommodation-based services

Further information

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The page was last updated on 20 August 2021

Main address

13-47 Beck House
1 Upton Road
N18 2LJ

Main telephone

0208 807 9484

Organisation email




Contact telephone

0800 0858207