Angel Raynham Children's Centre

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Service summary

Raynham Children’s Centres Hub provides a one-stop shop for information, advice and support for families with children under 5 across 1 main hub, 2 Children Centres and 2 Spokes sited in the South East of Enfield. Families benefit from a range of flexible services and support when they need it. The sites are Raynham Children’s Centre, Raynham@Craig Park Children’s Centre, Tottenhall Children’s Centre and Wilbury Primary School. All Centres are accessible via local transport routes. The Hub, Children Centres and Spokes bring together local services which may be all under one roof, or close by in the community. The Hub aim to support parents, carers, guardians in the everyday challenges of parenthood and to ensure that children have access to early education and intervention if required.

Further information

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The Angel Raynham Children's Centre has undergone an accessibility review and their Accessibility Guide can be found here: AccessAble - Accessibility Guide

The page was last updated on 5 July 2019

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Raynham Avenue
N18 2LQ

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