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Caring for Somebody

If you look after a relative, friend or partner who is frail; elderly; has a mental illness; a disability; long-term or life-limiting illness or if they have a substance misuse condition, then you are a carer.

Carers assessment

If you care for an older person or an adult who is disabled or ill, you are entitled to a carers assessment. This is a discussion about the impact caring has on your life, so that we can offer advice and support. Assessments can be carried out by our social care team at the same time as an assessment of the person you care for, or you can choose to have them separately.

During the assessment, you will be asked about the help and support you provide, what you are prepared to continue doing, and what would make managing easier. You will also have the opportunity to talk about your concerns for the future.

Following the assessment, we will discuss how to help. This may be through specific services or other means of support, such as the voluntary sector. We will also find out if you’re eligible for a carers direct payment.

For more information, visit the Enfield Carers Centre website. You can also email the Enfield Carers Centre or contact them on 020 8366 3677.

Enfield Carers Centre's services

Carers register and emergency card scheme

The carers register, is a database of people who provide unpaid care to a friend or family member living in Enfield. By knowing how many carers there are in Enfield we can make sure that their needs are considered when planning and delivering services. You will receive information about events and services, discounts, and will be able to apply for the Carers Emergency Card Scheme.

The carers card has your scheme membership number and, if you join the emergency card scheme, your emergency contact reference number as well. No personal information appears on the card. The card entitles carers to reduced rates at Fusion Leisure Centres, extended borrowing rights at Enfield libraries, and discounts at local businesses.

When you, or the person you care for, are assessed or reviewed for social care services, you will be asked if you want to join the Carers Register and emergency card scheme. For more information, visit Enfield Carers Centre.

Carers support groups and services

The following groups and services provide support and information for carers, throughout Enfield and the local area. You can use the search bar on this website at any time to find something else of interest:


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